Sweet Bacon Bear Hugs

Anyone who appreciates the power of bacon’s magical flavors will love the resulting tastiness of sweet dates wrapped in a slice of America’s favorite breakfast meat!

These could quite possibly be the easiest appetizer to make in the history of civilization! With only 2 ingredients, this scrumptious appetizer is simple enough for even a caveman to roast over the fire!


Step 2: Remove pit

Step 3: If there’s a really fatty or wide end on the bacon, simply remove and save for later use.

Step 4: Insert one end of the bacon into the cut mark in the date.

Step 5: Roll the bacon around the date until you pass the cut mark on your date by about one-half inch.

Step 6: Using scissors, cut bacon.

Step 8: Place on ungreased cookie sheet and place under broiler, or in a toaster oven (if doing in small batches) set to 400° F.

Step 9: Watch them sizzle!

Step 10: When bacon is browned, remove from oven.

Let rest on a paper plate for a moment to soak up excess grease. Then get a firm grip on something well anchored to the earth and taste what happens when natural sugars tangle with food’s reigning flavor champion.

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