Soothing Honey Ginger Tea

The onslaught of excess is never good. Excess sugar, excess time inside, and excess germs from school invariably equal excess sniffles and fevers. Soothing honey ginger tea helps!

Until I come up with a remedy so that my kids don’t get sick in the first place, I’ll be playing the part of Master Soother of sniffles, sneezes, coughs, fevers and today…stomach aches.

Ginger is your stomachs best friend

Ginger has a lovely warming and soothing effect on the stomach. Whether it’s gas, sea sickness, indigestion or the flu, ginger will help.

Ginger snap cookies, tea, and ginger candy are all options, but when it comes to the flu I make a tea using fresh ginger and honey. Of course using pre-packaged ginger tea from the store is fine, however I find that it has a sharper flavor and is a bit more spicy than when I make it using fresh ginger root. My kids prefer the homemade ginger tea because it’s much lighter in flavor and isn’t too spicy.

Honey Ginger Tea

Simply slice the ginger root into thin (1/4″) rounds. No need to peel.

Place in heat proof container (Here I have it in a mason jar. Feel free to keep it simple!)

Add just-off-the-boil water and steep for at least 4 minutes.

You can also simmer ginger and water on the stove top for a stronger flavor. It smells divine.

Add a spoonful of honey (*tip: I usually buy large buckets of honey from a local bee keeper and then pour it into glass jars for ease of use and long term storage. When I get down to the dregs I save the jar until someone needs/wants tea and then I pour the hot water in the jar, give it a swirl and voila! I haven’t had to get all sticky from trying to scrape the last bits out, and the tea is perfectly sweetened.)

Strain and serve (or just drink it with the ginger chunks still in it- they stay at the bottom anyway).


Add a squeeze of lemon and a small amount of lemon peel.

Add a sprig of rosemary or lemon balm

Don’t forget to make an extra cup for yourself. It’s cold out there!

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