Mint Chocolate Coconut Butter Truffles

My Mint Chocolate Coconut Butter Truffles are little bites of mint, coconut butter and chocolate heaven, that are star studded with crunchy bits of cacao nibs. They also happen to be Paleo, vegan, low in sugar and free of eggs, nuts, gluten and dairy. Wowser!

I used to love to go to craft fairs, but after I learned how to sew, I’d go and think “Great idea, but I can make that myself at home.” That same mindset now applies at the grocery store. I see a handmade, dark chocolate, gluten free goodie and I think “I’m not paying $3 for a little bar, I’ll re-create it at home and make it even better!” One is thrown in the cart for taste testing purposes, or if the ingredient list contains something I don’t do well with, a snapshot of the ingredient list is taken, and I trot off with my nose in the air to make an entire pan full of bars for less than $3. “Stubborn, cheap, and weird” are all names I’ve been called because of my “frugal” and “creative” streak, but the truth is, it’s simply where I find inspiration.

This recipe for Mint Chocolate Coconut Butter Truffles was inspired by Coconut Secret’s, Mint Coconut bar that is truly delightful. It’s made using fantastic, high quality ingredients, but around $2.50 a bar, is a bit pricey. I’ve kept those standards and ingredients, but lowered the price considerably by whipping up bite sized truffles in my own kitchen.

Before we get started, you’ll need to know how to make my Homemade Dark Chocolate. It’s super simple, dairy free, inexpensive, and if you’re diabetic you can sweeten it with Swerve, xylitol or stevia instead of honey, and make a completely sugar free treat! Of course, if you want to melt chocolate chips, or a bar of chocolate that will work too.

If you don’t already have a jar of coconut butter whipped up, it only takes a couple of minutes in the Vitamix or other high speed blender. You can find the recipe and video on how to make Coconut Butter, here. Again, if you want to keep it quick  or don’t have a high powered blender, you can buy pre-made coconut butter (aka “manna”) here.

Now that you’ve got two of the five ingredients taken care of, you’re well on your way to biting into a delicious, sweet Mint Chocolate Coconut Butter Truffles that are studded with little crunchy bits of cacao nibs. The good news is that this will make enough to share with your Valentine!

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Mint Chocolate Coconut Butter Truffles


The combination of chocolate, coconut butter, and mint, studded with little bites of cacao nibs is truly decadent and delightful. Paleo, gluten free, low in sugar.

Author: Alison

Recipe type: Dessert

Cuisine: American

Serves: 24


  1. 1 recipe homemade dark chocolate or 8oz melted chocolate of choice

  2. ½ cup coconut butter (aka manna)- learn how to make it at home, here

  3. 2 tsp. coconut nectar/syrup, maple syrup or 3-5 drops liquid stevia

  4. ½ tsp. mint extract or 3-5 drops essential oil of peppermint

  5. ½ Tbs. cacao nibs


  1. Melt dark chocolate in a small, heavy bottomed sauce pan over low heat. You may want to add a teaspoon or two of coconut oil or butter to the pan to prevent the chocolate from seizing. Stir constantly, and remove from heat.

  2. Mix coconut butter with coconut syrup, mint extract and cocoa nibs in a small bowl, using a fork.

  3. Adjust sweetness, adding more sweetener of choice if needed. I'll often start with coconut nectar and up the level of sweetness with liquid stevia.

  4. Paint or pour melted chocolate into a mold (I love these silicone heart shaped molds) of your choice. (I also like to use mini muffin tins lined with "candy" paper cups)

  5. Place a little ball of coconut butter filling on top of the chocolate.

  6. Top with remaining chocolate and place in the refrigerator or freezer until hard.

  7. **Remove from mold(s), and store in a container in the fridge.


*If your coconut butter and coconut nectar are hard, place in the oven with the light on about an hour before beginning this project. ** If you're having a difficult time removing the truffles from the mold, simply place in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes and they will pop right out.


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