Is there any difference nutritionally between brown eggs and white eggs?

My grocery store charges more for brown eggs. Is there any difference nutritionally between brown eggs and white eggs?

The reason why grocery stores charge more for brown eggs is because they are generally thought to be a healthier choice. However, there is no difference nutritionally between any color of egg. Eggs come in all different shapes and sizes. “The color difference is due to the specific breed of hen” according to the Egg Nutrition Center. So, an egg is not green because that chicken has gorged on spinach, it’s green because that is what kind of egg it’s breed lays.

High in protein and around 72 calories for a large egg, eggs are a wonderful power-food. However, what the chicken eats and the conditions in which it is kept, impact the healthfulness of the eggs which it produces.

That’s why I always suggest buying cage free organic eggs if at all possible. I know they can be pricey, so ask around and see if you can find a backyard chicken farmer in your area that might have extra eggs that they’re willing to sell. Don’t be afraid to ask to see the conditions in which they’re chickens are kept, as well as what they are being fed.

Also, before you spend the extra money on those cage free organic eggs you might want to check out the Cornucopia Institutes Organic Egg Scorecard. Just because a label claims “cage free” means little more than that the hens had an open door at the end of a football field sized warehouse that had a patch of grass “available” to them.

Nobody wants to pay more for an empty promise. Do your homework now so you can grab those eggs without slowing down, as you wheel that hefty car cart to the promise land (the car- which has restraining elements-). We wouldn’t want little Johnny to have time to jump out of the car cart (which he demanded and you are now paying for because the darn “seat belts” don’t work. And, where is the aisle that carries duct tape exactly?)

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