Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe

You may have figured out by now, I’m uber picky about pie crusts. So when I set upon the challenge of coming up with a gluten free pie crust recipe that was flaky, tender, and could hold it’s own against any standard pie crust, I knew I had some serious work ahead of me.

I always start my recipe creations by looking at my favorite standard recipe (that uses regular flour, sugar, etc.) then I look at various alternative recipes that have been published, and come up with some sort of combination that I think is the best of both worlds. And that truly is the case with this gluten free pie crust recipe. It’s gluten free, but neither the taste nor the texture give it away.

Both of my children have spent their fair share of time on a gluten free diet for various health reasons. Fortunately, both kids are (at this time) able to eat gluten. So when I bring out a gluten free recipe they cringe, purse their lips and tell me “No thanks mom, I can eat gluten now.” You see, when you’ve spent months or years watching your classmates gobble down donuts, cupcakes, and crackers (even though their stunning mother always made them fabulous replacements 🙂 ) you get a sort of stigma attached to anything “gluten free.” It can’t possibly be as good, because it isn’t what everyone else is having.

I think you catch my drift here. I had some seriously biased taste buds AGAINST my gluten free pie crust. So I did what any superbly intelligent 😉 mother would do, and I made their favorite kind of pie; a big, heaping, luscious apple pie, and sat down to eat a thick slice of it without offering them a single bite. And, when they said “Mom, can we have a piece?” I gave them nary a glance and said plainly “You’re welcome to, but it’s gluten free so I doubt you’ll like it.”

Of course they both ran to help themselves. Pretty soon my husband had joined in (He hadn’t even heard it was gluten free- but it’s pie. Does any man ask questions when it comes to pie?) with a big scoop of ice cream on top of his piece, and gobbled it down without even suspecting it was anything other than the usual. All three of them deemed it “just as good as regular,” finished off MY pie (rascals), and asked when I’d be making another.

Just like when you roll out a conventional pie crust, you’ll want to spray the counter top with water, coat with gluten free flour mix, and roll out your dough. That being said, a gluten free dough of any kind is never as hearty as a dough with gluten. If you lose a little in the transfer, don’t be afraid to patch.

 Make it pretty! The recipe below is for one 9″ pie crust, so be sure to double if you need a pie crust on top.

 Irresistible! My gluten free apple pie recipe will be published in a few days. Hang tight!

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Gluten Free Pie Crust Recipe


Prep time

15 mins

Total time

15 mins

Your friends and family will never guess this flaky, tender pie crust is gluten free!

Author: Alison

Recipe type: dessert

Cuisine: American

Serves: 1


  1. 1¼ cups gluten free flour blend (see notes below)

  2. ½ tsp. xanthan gum (this is in addition to what's in the flour blend)

  3. ¼ tsp salt

  4. 1 Tbs. organic cane sugar (optional) (note: I do NOT recommend subbing with coconut sugar)

  5. ¼ cup cold butter, cubed

  6. ¼ cup organic palm shortening (may substitute lard)

  7. 3 Tbs. cold water

  8. 1 egg

  9. ¼ tsp. apple cider vinegar


  1. Combine first four ingredients in a bowl or food processor with dough blade attached.(I always use the bowl and pastry cutter method myself)

  2. Cut in butter and palm shortening with a pastry cutter, or process briefly until a crumbly texture is achieved.

  3. In a small separate bowl, with a fork, gently whisk together water, egg and apple cider vinegar.

  4. Add egg mixture to dry mixture and stir/process until just combined.

  5. Shape pastry into a ball, flatten slightly and wrap in plastic wrap.

  6. Refrigerate for at least an hour (I left mine in the fridge for 5 days in this state and it was perfect. You can also freeze at this point).

  7. Remove from fridge; let stand at room temperature for a few minutes.

  8. Dust counter top with more of the gluten free flour blend.

  9. Roll out the crust.

  10. Transfer to 9" pie plate

  11. Fill and bake according to pie recipe (I recommend cooking at 375° F for allotted amount of time).

  12. Alternately, prick bottom of pie crust, bake at 375° F until light golden brown, let cool, and fill.


Gluten free flour blend 2 cups white rice flour 2/3 cup potato starch 1/3 cup arrowroot powder (you may substitute tapioca flour as well- but know that it has a more "springy" quality than arrowroot) 1 tsp. xanthan gum Combine, and use appropriate amount for recipe (this amount will make enough for 2-3 pie's depending on how much you use for rolling out the dough). Store leftovers in a sealed container. Stir before using. This is a great gluten free mix for any baking application! *Please note that the pie crust recipe is for a single crust. If making a pie such as apple, that requires a double crust, simply double the pie crust recipe (no need to double the gluten free flour blend-there is plenty).


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To Your Health!


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