Easy Deviled Egg Recipe

The term deviled eggs is a reference to the spicy and zesty nature of America’s favorite hors d’oeuvres. The recipe for deviled eggs has a long history that can be traced back to the menus of ancient Rome.  So given that these little marvels of complete protein deliciousness have such an impressive resume, it’s time to teach new cooks how to make them and experienced chefs how to add a sexy twist to an old classic. Let’s get to work.

Deviled eggs are thought to be “fancy” and only for holiday or summer events, but can I tell you a secret? They are actually easy to make, super filling, healthy, and they’re not just an appetizer. My kids take deviled eggs to school in their lunches because they have the perfect combination of fat and protein which keeps them full for a looong time. They’re also portable, store in the fridge for a solid week, and make for a perfect after-school, after work snack.

There are tons of fun and tasty recipes out there for deviled eggs, but honestly, I like this basic combination that my husband’s grandmother used to make the best. And, since I make killer fermented dill pickles, amazingly creamy homemade mayonnaise (horn toot on train Alison), our chickens keep us in eggs, this is a quick and inexpensive dish that even my kids love.

For experienced cooks looking to differentiate themselves, spice things up and totally amaze guests by substituting Creamy Sriracha Mayonnaise for the mayonnaise in the recipe, omit the pickles, and sprinkle with bacon bits. Seriously delish!

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Easy Deviled Eggs


Prep time

20 mins

Total time

20 mins

Learn how to make delicious and healthy deviled eggs that are perfect for a get together or a weekday snack!

Author: Alison

Cuisine: American

Serves: 24


  1. 1 dozen eggs, hardboiled (learn how to properly hard boil eggs here)

  2. ¼- 1/2 cup mayonnaise, preferably homemade (learn how to make homemade mayo here)

  3. 1- 2 Tbsp. mustard

  4. 2-3 tsp. dill pickle relish

  5. ¼-1/2 tsp salt and pepper, to taste

  6. paprika, dill, chives, parsley (optional garnishes)


  1. Split hard boiled eggs in half lengthwise, cutting through only the white so that the yolk can be "popped" out.

  2. Pop yolks into a gallon sized plastic bag (you can also use a bowl if you prefer not to use plastic).

  3. Add mustard, relish, ¼ tsp salt, a few dashes of freshly ground pepper and enough mayonnaise to make the mixture come together.

  4. Using the bag, squish the contents to mix. (If using a bowl, smash yolks through a fine mesh strainer into the bowl to keep yolks creamy and smooth.)

  5. Taste, and add more of any ingredient to achieve desired flavor.

  6. Continue to mix/squish contents until desired consistency is achieved.

  7. Squish contents into one corner of the bag.

  8. Snip off ¼ inch of the corner (remember you can always snip more, but not less!)

  9. Squeeze yolk mixture into each egg white.

  10. Sprinkle with paprika (the traditional choice) or, my favorite, dill (dried is fine) and chill.

  11. Serve


Deviled eggs are not the easiest thing to transport. However if you want to make your life easier, simply bring the egg whites and filling separately and fill them right before serving. Of course there are specialty deviled egg holders as well.

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