Cream Cheese Filled Bagel bombs

The perfect combination of bagel and cream cheese in one beautiful bite

The show Shark Tank is a favorite in my home, so when a couple came on the show to share their Bantam Bagels, (round bagel bites filled with cream cheese) we were all salivating. We all agreed on two things: That (a) their name really needed to change and that (b) we all wanted to try one of those little bites of dreaminess. Sadly, they’re an East Coast business and we are a West Coast family. What to do, what to do….

A month or so later I came across a recipe for quick and easy homemade bagels (you’ll find the original recipe, here). My daughter LOVES bagels, and I’m never thrilled with the choices at the store, so when the opportunity presented itself, I hopped to it and made what my family claimed to be the BEST BAGELS EVER! While smearing cream cheese on his bagel, my husband said “You know, you should really try to make some of those bagel bombs.” To which I said, “Bagel bombs. What’s a Bagel Bomb?” He went on to describe the Bantam Bagels from Shark Tank and true glory was born. 

Before we go any further, I just want to say to the Bantam Bagels people, “Yes you can use the waaaayyyy better name that my husband came up with. Free.Of.Charge.

Moving on…..

I started doing a little experimenting and pretty soon my husband declared (in between bites mind you) that this could possibly be the “BEST THING I’D EVER MADE!”

At this point you’re thinking “Yeah, her husband probably says that about everything.” But trust me, that is a huge compliment coming from Mr. Picky Pants himself. This guy grew up on Nalley Chili and Velveetacheese. Homemade isn’t his ball of wax. If Hostess didn’t make it, then it probably tastes like the nearest mud puddle. If my “homemade, whole foods” creations don’t pass inspection, they don’t get posted to my blog. Why? Because the whole point here is that homemade, whole foods don’t have to taste like they’re good for you. I mean seriously, who bites into any delicious food and says “I LOVE this stuff, it tastes SO healthy!” I have not heard it one time (as a compliment). My shtick is to make homemade, whole, healthy foods taste “delicious, amazing, yummy, tasty,” but never ever “healthy.” 

Get it? Got it. Good!

Now, if you just want to make bagels, it is quicker, and seriously fabulous (the recipe is below, but you’ll find directions on how to roll and boil the bagels over at the original recipe, here). However, if you want little bites of pure bliss, then go the extra mile, and make the bagel bombs. Or, make a little of both. Whatever floats your boat.


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