3 Diabetic Friendly Sugar Substitutes

With diabetes and metabolic syndrome on the rise, there likely isn’t a Thanksgiving table out there that couldn’t use a little modification in the sugar department. Plus, once we have a good nap, and get up early for Black Friday, the holiday baking bonanza begins! With that in mind, I’ve published a quick video on my favorite 3 Diabetic Friendly Sugar Substitutes.

In this video, I talk about the texture, taste, application and uses of each of these all natural, diabetic friendly sugar substitutes. You won’t find any sucralose or aspartame here! These sweeteners are naturally derived from plants, one of which I grow in my own backyard!

Cutting sugar out of a baked goods recipe can lead to less than optimal results. If you haven’t used one of the sweeteners listed in the video before, and you are not diabetic, I highly recommend substituting in a portion of the sugar called for. For example, if grandma’s favorite cookie recipe calls for 1 cup of granulated sugar, try swapping out one quarter to one half of that amount with one of the sweeteners I’ve recommended, note the results and go from there.

Click the play button below to learn about 3 Diabetic Friendly Sugar Substitutes that will rock your waistline and your world!:

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