10 Unusual Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

There are many unhealthy foods out there but sugar has truly got to be the worst. More like a drug than a food, sugar cravings can truly grab ahold of us and DEMAND attention.

Over the years sugar has creeped into our lives more and more. Unless it’s a fresh, whole food, that one personally prepares, there’s little guarantee that sugar isn’t lurking somewhere in the ingredient list. When sugar is constantly trickling in, the body sees it as FREE and EASY energy, gets lazy, and demands more. It also makes blood sugar unstable and can cause an insulin response. Insulin cleans up the overflow of sugar, but it also stores it in the fat cells for later use.

I know that for me, in order to truly get rid of sugar cravings, I have to cut out ALL sugar. That means fruit and wine too. When I do that I can look at a piece of chocolate Snickers pie and say “No thanks” without having to summon my willpower. After I get over that hump, I can add fruit back in here and there and not struggle with cravings.

Getting to that point can be difficult however, so I’ve come up with 10 unusual ways to take control and stop sugar cravings in their tracks.


BCAA Powder – Branch Chain Amino Acids are a generally used by bodybuilders to help maintain muscle whilst losing weight. You can take 10 grams in powder or capsule form when a sugar cravings hit. Simply open the capsule and put the powder right in your mouth. BCAA’s don’t have to be expensive, click here for the brand I recommend.

Gymnema Sylvestre Tincture – This stuff works like magic. Take a dropperful and place in your mouth, swish it around, and swallow. It doesn’t taste very good, but it doesn’t taste bad. Now, go and get that Snickers bar you were gunning for, take a big scrumptious bite, chew, and….notice anything? You can’t taste it! It tastes like wax doesn’t it? Spit out the Snickers bar and get a drink of water instead. The effects will wear off in 15-30 minutes (so go find something else to do, quick!). Click here for the brand I recommend.

L-Glutamine Known for its healing effects on the lining of the gut, L-Glutamine is also great at curbing sugar cravings. It’s virtually tasteless. Simply mix a scoopful in water (or empty a capsule in your mouth), drink, and voila, no cravings. Click here for the brand I recommend.

Kali Phos #6 You’ve eaten a full meal and you know you’re not hungry but you just crave something, anything. This is when Kali Phos, a homeopathic cell salt, comes to the rescue. Simply place 4 of these little pellets under your tongue, let them dissolve, and you’ll be surprised how quickly the urge passes. The bonus here is that homeopathic remedies do not interact with any drug and have no side effects. They are safe for everyone and anyone. Click here for the brand I recommend.

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Barleans Mango/Peach Fish Oil Swirl– Sometimes when we are craving an ooey gooey hot fudge sundae we just need to divert the ‘ol taste buds a bit. Barleans Mango/Peach Fish Oil Swirl is a highly absorbable, very high quality fish oil that has been flavored and sweetened with a bit of xylitol. Seriously, you can put this stuff on ice cream it’s so good! I have to hide it from my health-food hating husband because he loves it! It needs to be stored in the fridge, however you can buy little to-go packets that are perfect to take with you or store at the office (they’re shelf stable but I recommend refrigeration as they taste the best cold). Click here for a link to the best price I’ve found (and notice if you get the autoship it’s even cheaper-sign me up!).


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Often times when we crave sugar it is because we actually need something else. Sometimes that need is water, sometimes it’s a sign that we’re getting hungry, and sometimes it means we haven’t eaten enough fat to actually feel satiated. Instead of a lollipop put some extra virgin coconut oil on a spoon and suck on it. Both the texture, the naturally sweet flavor, and the fact that it’s fat, will help tell your brain that you’re not only full, but satiated (satisfied). To purchase high quality coconut oil click here.

Extra dark chocolate (around 85%)– Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and actually considered a super food. It’s also unlike milk chocolate in that it doesn’t leave the taste buds wanting more. Usually a square or too will feel like a treat without spiking insulin and waking the sugar beast within you. The higher the percentage, the less sweet it will be (so the higher the better). I love this one!


Fresh Lemon– Lemon not only cleanses the liver, it cleanses the palate too. Dual purposed, lemon can also help reduce the insulin response when you’ve overdone it (in the sugar or alcohol dept.). Simply squeeze the juice of one lemon into 8-16 oz. of water and sip.

Tea– Do you just want flavor without the actual sugar? Try tea! I love licorice tea as it is naturally sweet. Craving chocolate? Try my favorite chocolate mint tea.

Kombucha– Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea. Made with sugar, however the actual end product contains very little (it feeds the little beasties in the kombucha). Kombucha comes in all sorts of flavors. For about the same price as a latte, this fabulous and often times fizzy drink, also helps detox the liver. Be careful, don’t drink too much on your first try, it will clean you out!

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