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Learn why canola oil is bad for your health and which oils to use instead.

Why Canola Oil is Bad for Your Health

Recently, my husband wanted me to replicate an Italian salad dressing that he’d bought at a restaurant. In order to honor the integrity of his opinionated taste buds, I discerned that I needed a really clean tasting oil, so I brought out some canola oil that had been properly stored in a dark cool place. The canola oil looked light […]

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Delicious homemade paleo pumpkin ice cream

Paleo Pumpkin Custard Ice Cream

Paleo pumpkin custard ice cream that is dairy and gluten free. This rich and creamy custard coupled with pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg create the perfect pumpkin pie pairing. Wrap in luscious Paleo caramel sauce for the ultimate ice cream experience.

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Learn how one mom fuels her kids for peak performance.

How I Fuel My Kids For Peak Performance

As Mom-in-Chief, one of my top jobs is to enable my kids to be their very best each and every day. I want to help them find ways to perform at the top of their game — no matter the task at hand — from playground play to physics.

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learn how to make sunflower seed butter (aka Sunbutter) in the Vitamix. Inexpensive, easy and SO delicious!

How to make Sunbutter in the Vitamix

Delicious, creamy and smooth. Sunbutter (aka sunflower seed butter) is a school “approved” nut butter that tastes and acts just like peanut butter in most applications. Your kids will love it and so will you!

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A quick, simple, and delicious recipe for deviled eggs.

Easy Deviled Egg Recipe

Deviled eggs have held their place on the appetizer pedestal for good reason. They’re easy to make, filling, healthy and super tasty. Sporting the perfect combination of fat and protein, deviled eggs are a great food for the lunchbox as well!

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how to make sauerkraut

How to Make Sauerkraut

Probiotic rich sauerkraut is not only healthy, but tasty as well. Learn how to make sauerkraut with only 2 ingredients and no special equipment in my video tutorial.

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This crisp and tangy coleslaw recipe contains no mayonnaise, but you'll never know it because of the creamy onion dressing.

No Mayonnaise Coleslaw Recipe

My crisp and tangy No Mayonnaise Coleslaw recipe, is not only crunchy, and filled with flavor, it’s also super healthy!

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An easy to whip up Paleo smoothie recipe that uses NO protein powder. Kid and picky husband approved!

Blueberry Coconut Milk Smoothie Recipe

My kids happen to be very picky when it comes to protein powders. In fact, they don’t generally like protein powder in their smoothies at all. That’s totally okay by me, as I simply sneak 1-2¬†superfood smoothie ingredients in and call it good. That being said, my kids have become suspicious of what I might […]

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Hands down the most delicious steak rolls with creamy sriracha sauce ever!

Seared steak with creamy sriracha dipping sauce

Today I bring to you an appetizer recipe for adorable seared steak rolls with a creamy sriracha dipping sauce that is sure to tantalize your tastebuds.

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Creamy Sriracha Mayonnaise

This creamy sriracha mayonnaise recipe is for those of us attracted to bold¬†flavors with strong personalities. It’s not for timid palettes or individuals who lack the proper intestinal fortitude for spicy morning constitutionals. No matter what you drizzle it on it’s legitimately delish, but as my husband’s grandmother would say, ‘it will leave you sweatin’ […]

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How I got my kids to start making their own school lunches, how to teach kids how to cut with a sharp knife, and which school lunch containers we like best.

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Teaching children how to put together a healthy and satisfying meal is just as important as any lesson they’ll learn at school. Lunch is an easy meal to start the learning process. Plus, it lightens mom’s load, and helps get everyone out the door in a timely manner.

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Low Sugar, No Cook Freezer Jam

Ahhhh, fresh berries. They’re my favorite part of summer. I love to be in the middle of a field of berries, listening to the birds chatter, popping warm luscious berries in my mouth, just letting my mind wander. It’s a sensory delight; taste, touch, smell. It’s all good (except maybe the thorns!).

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