Spicy Lemon Ginger, stop-a-cold-in-its-tracks, Tea
A potent tea that will keep colds and flu at bay.
  • ginger, about 1 lb, juiced (*divided after being juiced)
  • 1 lemon, juiced
  • 1-2 tsp. honey
  • 1000 mg vitamin C powder
  • dash of cayenne pepper
  • hot water
  1. Add 1-2 Tbsp of ginger juice to a mug.
  2. Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon and add to the same mug.
  3. Stir in a teaspoon or two of honey.
  4. Add about 1000 mg vitamin C powder, and enough hot water to fill your mug.
  5. Add a dash of cayenne pepper.
  6. Mix well and sip frequently.
The recipe is not exact, so just add as much of each ingredient as it takes to make it palatable for you.
*I juice about 1 lb of fresh ginger at a time so that I don't have to drag out the juicer and clean it every time I want a couple of tablespoons of ginger juice. It stores well in the fridge for a day or two.
Nutrition Information
Calories: 1582 Fat: 20g Saturated fat: 12g Unsaturated fat: 6g Carbohydrates: 342g Sugar: 26g Sodium: 135mg Fiber: 67g Protein: 42g
Recipe by HealthNut Nation at http://www.healthnutnation.com/2014/03/03/ginger-juice-cold-flu-remedy/