Healthy food should be delicious


A mom + certified nutritional consultant

Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. –Hippocrates, Greek physician

How it all started….

This blog started because my mommy friends needed help deciding which milk to buy for their kids. I loved educating other women about food and how to make healthier choices using whole foods but I didn’t have enough time in a day to explain the vast  differences between organic, RBST hormone free, skim, nonfat, whole, and raw milk to 10 different women! My wonderful friends kept saying “You should start a blog. There’s more people out there that want to know this stuff than just us.”

My husband, Mr. Techie (aka Mr. Papparazzi for all of his camera and filming work), made it happen and here we are! Although it’s much evolved from the original articles on milk choices and my favorite bread recipe (I’m now Paleo because of health reasons) you’ll still find these oldies but goodies with a little detective work (search query).

In the meantime I’ve become a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Cooking Instructor, and Cookbook author. It’s been quite a journey, but as Karen Carpenter so eloquently sang, “We’ve only just begun!”

Come join me on this Journey to Health. Each and every one is different, but we can all learn, grow and share our experiences along the way!

I pledge allegiance, to delicious things

I’m an orthodox believer in the idea that food should be as local as possible, fresh, organic and most importantly, D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. All of the recipes I develop strive to attain each of those pillars.

You’ll find recipes here at HealthNutNation that are healthy, homemade, whole foods, and most recently, gluten free and Paleo. And for those of you who are joining me in a gluten or grain and dairy free lifestyle, please know that I pride myself on my ability to never, ever settle for sub-par just because the recipe doesn’t call for ingredients that we are used to. I only share recipes that I personally love and adore.

I learned my lesson long ago when I brought brownies to a gathering. There were many brownies to choose from, and when a friend walked up and held up a half eaten brownie and said “Alison, these are your brownies aren’t they?” I flushed with pride, knowing that she had known they were mine because they were the most perfectly crafted brownie on the planet. Glowing I said, “How did you know?” To which she replied “Because they taste healthy.” There are a lot of flavor profiles out there that chef’s try to achieve and “healthy” ain’t one of them! If I ever serve another “healthy” tasting dish in my life, I will personally burn the recipe!

Most recently, I finished my first cookbook titled The Paleo Sweet Tooth. Every single little confectionery celebrity recipe in my book was tested over and over until I got the exact textures and flavor profiles that I was after.  The final test for each one was-my husband.  He’s brutally honest about how food should taste and unwilling to give a mulligan for poor taste just because something qualifies as “healthy.”

My Health Philosophy

True health isn’t just about your reflection in the mirror. It’s about feeling your best. There are many outside variables that impact our health. However, there is none greater than the quality of the octane we fuel our bodies with. Just like a car, a body’s performance is directly correlated to what it is fed.

Consuming quickie mart fuel that is full of additives, watered down, and cheap ingredients will lead to costly repairs and poor performance. Eventually, you’ll likely find yourself at the mercy of a burly, tattooed man named Frank with your vehicle firmly hitched to the back of his tow truck.

The good news is that our bodies were created with an amazing capacity to heal themselves. Super premium fuels such as fresh organic produce, grass fed meats, raw milk and other whole foods provide our bodies with a blueprint to maintain, and bring us back to, health when we’ve strayed from its path. Let’s work together to fuel our bodies with delicious, vitamin rich, super premium natural foods so that we look and feel our very best.