My Health Story Chapter 1

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Solving the pieces of our health stories. Chapter one of my personal health story.

I can’t tell you how many times, how many years, I’ve tried to write out my health story for all of you. I’ve had the link on my page going to what was really my health philosophy for years, but never have I been able to put to paper my journey to health, or what I sometimes call my “health puzzle.”

Is it because I don’t want to share such personal information, or feel vulnerable putting it out there? After all I’m the Nutritional Consultant, I should have all of the answers, right? There’s some of that for sure, but honestly, I wanted to be cured, “100%,” so that I could tell you how I did it, and then be able to cheer you on as YOU once again claimed your health.

After all isn’t that what all the books are about? “I lost 100 lbs and so can you.” Or,  “Here’s how I cured myself from cancer. Just follow my protocol and you too will be healed!” It all seems so easy. Yet somehow it’s not.

Truth is, I have found the pot at the end of my rainbow, but it doesn’t look anything like I expected. I have learned that every journey is meant specifically for the individual. I can serve as a guide on your quest. However no one, not even the best doctors, can tell you the exact steps it will take to get from a state of dis-ease to a condition of 100% health.

It’s like telling a person how to put a puzzle together. The best a person can do is say “find the edge pieces and then just look for pieces that fit.” No one can tell you what your pieces are going to look like, or how fast you’ll be able to put it together, or how many pieces the dog ate, or how many pieces are stuck between your couch. Only YOU can find that out. So the answer as to why I haven’t written it before? It’s complicated.

I’ve tried to keep it short and sweet in the past, but it just never works. The more I learn, the deeper I go into the never ending rabbit holes, picking up those lost pieces. Dotting the tedious task of putting the puzzle together are gleeful “Aha, there you are you little stinker!” moments that we all have.

So here I go writing it out, gory details and all. Feel free to scan or skip over the boring, TMI parts (where you wish I would just for once quit talking about poop!) and get to what’s pertinent for you. I’m writing this all down because I know SO many of us are suffering. So many of us have been told that it’s “All in your head,” or that “You’re just going to have to live with it.” Or, maybe you’ve been given a diagnosis, and you follow the protocol, and it works sometimes, but really you’re just getting worse, or at least not better.

I can’t show you the beautiful picture that my puzzle made and call it done, cured! I wish I could. Like I said, I’ve really been waiting to write this post for you all once I could call it the past. But it’s not the past, it’s my reality, and it seems like it’s becoming more and more of a common reality. So why not gather round the table, don our spectacles, and help each other put our puzzles together. After all, we might just discover one of each others lost pieces!


Chapter 1:  TMJ

There’s nothing quite like hearing at the age of 37 that you “have the temporal mandibular joint of a 90 year old boxer.” Shuddering, I replayed a Mike Tyson knock out punch in slow motion in my head, watching the jaw of the opponent dislocate and go slack.

I was sitting in a world renowned TMJ specialists office in Dallas, TX, talking to one of the most knowledgeable and experienced TMJ surgeons in the United States, possibly in the world, about my jaw, rather my Temporal Mandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), to be exact.

I sat there in silence as he pulled out three colored pencils. One green, one blue and one red. On top of my x-ray he placed a piece of tracing paper and started to draw. I watched with interest, listening to my heart beat out of my chest. Finally I asked, “What are you drawing?” Casually, he replied, “Why, I’m drawing your new face.”

Sneak peek to Chapter 2: As I tried to conceal my horror over the very idea of a 10 hour long surgery, a year long recovery period, and having my face literally cut in half and screwed back together with titanium,  Mr. TMJ surgeon kept the conversation upbeat by ending with, “Hey, the good news is, you’ll also be getting a face lift out of the deal!”

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  1. Ana Meyer says:

    I want to hear your story. Disappointed that it is incomplete. Please add me to your newsletter.

  2. I was diagnosed with TMJ right around the same time we decided to go paleo. My dentist and GP were convinced my migraines were from TMJ – turns out the TMJ didn’t help, but grains were the main cause! I was lucky and avoided intervention beyond a mouthguard at night. I look forward to hearing the rest of your story!

  3. Where’s the rest of the story? Pretty engaging beginning and I probably would’ve read it all in one sitting…but it stops right when it gets good. How do we subscribe so we can read the chapters as you post them???

    • I just took the pop-up newsletter sign up off of my site and am working on a sidebar sign up area. In the meantime I’ll add you to my newsletter list. Thanks!

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