Crispy Delicata Squash Rings

Don't think you like squash? I'll bet the sweet Delicata can win you over! Simple, yet delicious Crispy Delicata Squash Rings use only 3 ingredients and are truly amazing.

Leaves are changing color, Halloween costumes are being decided upon, and pumpkins are overflowing from bins at the grocery store. Fall has arrived in all of it’s splendor!

As you’re picking out your pumpkins, take a look at the adjoining bin for one of these gorgeous little bits of glory.

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Delicata squash are my all time favorite squash. Sweet, delicate and full of flavor, I love Delicata not only for its flavor, but its texture as well. A couple of years ago when my friend first introduced me to Delicata squash, I didn’t know what to do with it other than bake it. She told me how to make Crispy Delicata Squash Rings and I’ve never looked back!

You’ll notice in the video that the skin is intact. That’s because it is so thin that you don’t even notice that it’s there. Eating the skin is awesome because it ups the nutritional value without compromising taste or texture. I love win-wins! 

Watch my quick video to learn just how easy Crispy Delicata Squash Rings are to prepare:


For those of you who like to have the written recipe, here you go!


Crispy Delicata Squash Rings

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Crispy Delicata Squash Rings
Crispy on the outside and creamy on the in, this simple side dish will win anyone over with its simple and delicate flavors.
Recipe type: side dish
Cuisine: American
  1. Wash squash and dry.
  2. Slice into rings using a mandolin or a large, sharp knife.
  3. Remove seeds.
  4. Place rings in a single layer on a Silpat lined cookie sheet.
  5. Spray rings with coconut oil and sprinkle with salt.
  6. Broil on low until golden brown freckles appear. Flip over and let cook until golden brown freckles appear.
  7. Remove, slather with butter (if desired), and serve immediately.


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