How to Make Homemade Dark Chocolate

using 4 simple ingredients

Learn how to make homemade dark chocolate with 4 simple ingredients! Paleo, grain free, dairy free, refined sugar free.


Whether you’re following a specific diet for weight loss, disease prevention, or because you’re trying to get well from a condition you’ve already acquired, it can be extremely difficult to find pre-packaged comfort foods that aren’t filled with GMO’s, sugar, or a minor ingredient that your body doesn’t tolerate (for instance maltodextrin- a derivative of corn). That’s why I taught myself how to make homemade dark chocolate. I wanted a treat that didn’t leave me feeling like I’d been run over by a truck the next day.

Once I started making my own homemade dark chocolate, I realized just how many treats I could make completely Paleo, totally gluten free, egg free, and even nut free using this one simple recipe as a foundational ingredient. In fact, I came up with so many recipes that I loved, that I decided to combine them into a downloadable e-cookbook, called The Paleo Sweet Tooth, filled with all of my favorite creations.


Learn how to make homemade dark chocolate at home with simple, inexpensive ingredients.

















The Paleo Sweet Tooth has been a great success, with many readers sharing their own creations using some of my base recipes to make their family favorites, or something entirely brand new. That being said, I’ve had some who’ve had a bit of a hard time making the homemade dark chocolate (dubbed, Chocolate Mortar in the cookbook). So I decided to make a video showing you just how easy it is.

(To watch the video, scroll down to the end of the post)


Learn how to make homemade dark chocolate at home with simple, inexpensive ingredients.

















One of the main reasons why I like to make treats at home, versus buying them in the store, is that I get to control the ingredients, and that is especially important when it comes to sugar. Not only do I like to be able to adjust the level of sweetness, I also get to use the sweeteners that I choose.  I also like the challenge of using unconventional ingredients. (Because honestly, there’s nothing like plain white sugar and flour to get a recipe to turn out how you want it to.) That being said, feel free to adjust the level of sweetness in this recipe. One of the ways I do this personally, is I add less sugar than any given recipe calls for, I then add a drop or two of liquid stevia, taste, and go from there. Over time you’ll find that your taste buds adjust and that you won’t need that added stevia at the end. 


Homemade marzipan balls dipped in dark chocolate.

















Here’s one of my favorite recipes, Marzipan Truffles,  from The Paleo Sweet Tooth that uses this rich and luscious dark chocolate as a coating. Truly divine! 


Homemade Chocolate Almond Clusters
















I couldn’t help sharing another picture that uses my homemade dark chocolate. My ChocoAlmo Clusters will make you spit out the samples of nut clusters they give you at Costco. These melt in your mouth and crunch in your teeth. No waxy coating. Ridiculously simple to put together! 


homemade nanaimo bars.

















Have you ever tasted a Nanaimo Bar? If not, you must. You’ll find the recipe in The Paleo Sweet Tooth



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Dark Chocolate
Prep time
Total time
Rich, luscious dark chocolate that is perfect all by itself, or when used in other applications such as truffles, candies, and confections.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Serves: 8 oz
  1. In a small, heavy bottomed saucepan over LOW heat, melt coconut oil.
  2. Add honey and whisk briefly until dissolved.
  3. Whisk in cocoa powder.
  4. When you start to see a gloss form, remove from heat and whisk until smooth and glossy.
  5. Add vanilla and whisk briefly. If chocolate is not sweet enough, add a few drops of liquid stevia to reach desired level of sweetness.
  6. Spread thinly (about ¼" thickness) on a Silpat and refrigerate. Break into pieces and serve. Alternately, pour into a candy mold, or use in one of the other recipes listed in The Paleo Sweet Tooth.

To Your Health!

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  1. Hi Alison,
    Is the honey necessary? As I’m in Keto Diet, I wish to skip the honey and the sweetener all together, is that possible? Thank you!

    • Iwas was waiting for her to reply. But I’m trying this with sugar free maple syrup as a substitute for honey.

  2. Scott Batchelor says

    I made your paleo chocolate yummy yummy yummy but it seems to melt really fast how can I stop it from melting I put it in the freezer firmed it up brought it to some friends and it had melted and I live in San Francisco and it’s cold outside

  3. You’re personality is so wonderful…you should be on TV!

  4. nilda b. sabordo says

    Hi! can i used powdered sugar instead of honey? and can i skip the liquid stevia? i’m here in the philippines. pls. i need your reply.thanks.

  5. Hello, I tried your recipe the exact same way as you mentioned. But after refrigerating, the finished product still has a very strong scent of the coconut oil. Can you help me with this issue.

  6. Can we add suger instead of honey mam

  7. Please, can I make my chocolate hard without refrigeration using this same recipe?

  8. Hi Alison 🙂 Great recipe 🙂 Do you think i can add oats at the end and make it to a dark chocolate bars? If yes, do you think a cup of oats would be enough, or more/less? Thanks

  9. Surely it would be better to make it in a glass bowl placed over a pan of boiling water? This would stop people from over heating it.

  10. Hello Alison,

    Could I use Erythritol instead of honey/ If you, how much.

  11. hi.i know its an old add but if u see this can u help me?i want ot make the chocolate and chocolate chips with raw sugar not honey.we have our honey and though i love it it has an overpowering smell and taste and it egts to the how much raw sugar should i use for dark or semisweet chocolate that i want to powder?thanks.also is there a reason some use a cup of cocoa powder and a cup of coconut oil?and not half oil?does it get firmer with less oil/butter?thanks.

  12. Can I use cocoa butter intead?

  13. I love the recipe! My daughter and I have made it twice already. Do you know the cocoa content by percentage with the recipe not counting the Stevia? Thanks

  14. Hi, I was wondering if the cocoa powder on this recipe is sweetened or unsweetened, if the cocoa is unsweetened would it be okay to use sweetened

  15. Sounds amazing. Never tried making this before. Thanks.


  16. betty mackenzie says

    hi alison, i bought the ebook of sweet tooth.but it doesn’t show where or how to down load it. can u help. tia.

  17. I used double boiler and my chocolate is not getting hard even after refrigeratoring it for one whole night. Please advise.

    • Hmm, did you use coconut oil in the exact amount called for in the recipe? If you followed the recipe exactly and it’s still not hardening, I recommend re-melting in the double boiler and adding another tablespoon (or two depending on how thin it is) of cocoa powder.

  18. Can you give Nutritional break up of this. Specially Carbs?

  19. Ive tried this at home but it doesnt turn glossy but instead it turned to compact. What do you think are the possible errors? i need help please

    • This is usually the result of too high of heat. Turn the burner on as low of a setting as possible, add a bit more fat/coconut oil, and try mixing it up again. I’ve often saved chocolate this way. Let me know how it goes!

  20. Hi
    I made this chocolate and there was a bit smell of coconut due to coconut oil… can it be removed?

    • It should go away after its been refrigerated for a day. It could also be that you used a virgin coconut oil, which can impart more of a coconut taste and smell. That being said, if you want to re-melt the coconut and add a half teaspoon of instant espresso powder, that will increase the chocolate flavor and decrease the coconut. Hope that helps!

  21. Can the honey be replaced with stevia to make it totally sugar free? If so, how much stevia would you suggest?

  22. Can i prepare this chocolate recipe with coconut butter instead?

  23. Mine seemed to thicken almost immediately after I added vanilla. It was bubbling and frothing a bit beforehand so I took it off low heat. Any suggestions?

    • It sounds like it got too hot. Irritatingly enough, some stoves just don’t go low enough, so you have to heat up the pan, let it barely melt, and finish it off heat.

      • Karina Araujo says

        With mine happened the same. And it was not heat: I leave in Rio, so it is already very hot in here and the coconut oil is liquid in room temperature, so I tried to make it without any fire or electric heat at all and again everything was fine until I’ve put the vanilla. It became clumpy and started to separate…
        Any idea of what have happened?

        • I’m researching this a bit to try and figure out why some people have no problem and others have nothing but problems, but I think it may have something to do with “tempering” the chocolate. If it doesn’t come up to around 125 degrees F, then brought down to around 84 degrees F, then brought back up to around 88 degrees F, it can cause it to crumble, or clump.

  24. Hi Alison, I just wanted to check what’s shelf life of this handmade chololate. How long does it stay fresh?
    Thanks, Lana

  25. Hi:) If my coconut oil is already melted, do I have to still put it on the pan and over low heat to well combine the ingredients?

  26. Allison,
    The chocolate melted well below room temperature. Should I add some sunflower lecithin?

    • I’ve not used sunflower lecithin before, but after looking it up, it seems that it would be a good option. Give it a try and let me know how it turns out. You could also opt to melt it down again and add a bit more cocoa powder. If all else fails, you can use this batch for a homemade “Magic Shell” ice cream topping and try it again using less coconut oil!

  27. Sharon- I’m sorry for the confusion. I had the coupon code in the “description” box at Youtube, but not here.

    Here’s the coupon code from Youtube: YouTube subscribers get 20% off The Paleo Sweet Tooth! Just put “Youtube20” in the discount box when purchasing.

  28. Sharon Kunkel says

    Hi Alison, I was wanting to purchase the paleo sweet tooth reciepe book with the reciepes you can use the dark chocolate for. You mentioned in your video there is a coupon code below could not find. Can you e-mail this to me and I will purchase the book. Thank-You!

    • Hi Miss Alison, I was wondering what cocoa powder to use the pure cocoa or the dutch? How about sweetend cocoa, can I use them?

      • Rachel, I use plain pure cocoa powder, but I’m sure you could use dutched. As far as the sweetened cocoa goes, I would think that would work, but am not sure if it would have the same texture. If you try it please let me know!

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