Sweet Bacon Bear Hugs

A perfect blend: Sun kissed dates and savory bacon

bacon wrapped dates are sinfully tasty at www.healthnutnation.com

Anyone who appreciates the power of bacon’s magical flavors will love the resulting tastiness of sweet dates wrapped in a slice of America’s favorite breakfast meat!

bacon wrapped dates

These could quite possibly be the easiest appetizer to make in the history of civilization! With only 2 ingredients, this scrumptious appetizer is simple enough for even a caveman to roast over the fire! 


slice and pit datesStep 1: Slice date just down to the pit

Step 2: Remove pit

slice fat from bacon

Step 3: If there’s a really fatty or wide end on the bacon, simply remove and save for later use.

 wrapping the bacon

Step 4: Insert one end of the bacon into the cut mark in the date.

Step 5: Roll the bacon around the date until you pass the cut mark on your date by about one-half inch.

Step 6: Using scissors, cut bacon.
give that date a big 'ol bacon hug and watch it sizzle
Step 7: Tuck bacon end into cut mark in date.

Step 8: Place on ungreased cookie sheet and place under broiler, or in a toaster oven (if doing in small batches) set to 400° F.

Step 9: Watch them sizzle! 
date wrapped in bacon

Step 10: When bacon is browned, remove from oven.

Let rest on a paper plate for a moment to soak up excess grease. Then get a firm grip on something well anchored to the earth and taste what happens when natural sugars tangle with food’s reigning flavor champion.

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  1. thecuriouscoconut says

    Looks great — I love bacon-wrapped dates but have never made them myself at home. Will have to try this some time 🙂

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