Back to School Lunch Containers

We’re gearing up for school, and along with that comes rushed mornings and packed lunches. Smooshed sandwiches, and crushed cookies aren’t generally too appetizing, plus using throw-away plastic bags everyday starts to feel wasteful. Here are some of my favorite reusable lunch containers that don’t cost a lot and should see you through the school year (longer if you hand wash). 



I really like the versatility of the various sized containers that all fit together (or apart) in the Rubbermaid Lunch Blox Sandwich Kit. It’s plastic, yet BPA free, has a thin little ice pack that the various sized covered cups fit into (See the blue  layer in the middle of the containers? That’s the ice pack), and can be put in the top rack of the dishwasher (although I always recommend hand washing plastic items for less wear and tear).

Not only does the ice pack go into the freezer, but the cups and lids are freezer safe as well. Rubbermaid says that it is safe for use in the microwave but I always advise against microwaving food in any plastic container.

For around $12 you can pack an entire lunch, have an ice pack that fits perfectly, and if you like, Rubbermaid offers a lunch bag that holds the whole kit and caboodle perfectly.





Lunchables may be cheap and easy, but they are anything but healthy and nourishing. Filled with genetically modified ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, unhealthy fats, and sugar and salt galore, you can’t afford to feed these to your kids!

One of the reasons why Lunchables are so popular is because they are fun, and what kid doesn’t like fun? My kids love filling up these EasyLunchBoxes 3 Compartment Bento Box Lunch Containers with all of their favorites. And yours will too! No BPA, pthalates, or PVC. The makers of this product are very forthcoming that these and NOT leakproof. Which leads us to our next product.





My kids love to take leftover chili, tomato soup, and fried rice in their lunches. Problem is, even though they have access to a microwave at school, I’d prefer that they don’t use it. Instead, we warm the food on the stove-top at home and put it in one of these handy little thermos containers.

Since thermos’ also work for cold items, you can send raw milk to school in a stainless steel drinkable thermos container (click on link for picture).

 Here’s to calm mornings, early bedtimes, and empty lunch bags!



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