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Ever wonder which juice contains the most sugar?

Well I did a little comparison shopping so that you wouldn’t have to!  Most brands of juice whether 100% juice, or with added sugar or HFCS, stayed within the 23-28 grams of sugar per 8 oz range. However, 5 were so high in sugar they might as well have been with the syrup in the pancake aisle!


 4 grams of sugar is equal to 1 teaspoon of sugar.


Top 5 sugariest juices

*All nutritionals are compared using 8 ounces/1 cup of juice per (said) grams of sugar.

5. Most brands selling Pomegranate were between 34 and 36 grams of sugar. (= to almost 9 tsps of sugar per cup!)

4. R&W Knudsen Pineapple coconut and Chadwick’s Bay Prickly Pear Lemonade both clocked in at 37 grams. (= to 9.25 tsps of sugar per cup)

3. Safeway brand (regular/purple/concord) Grape had 39 grams. (=to 9.75 tsps of sugar per cup)

2. Welches brand White Grape Juice contains 40 grams. (=to 10 tsps of sugar per cup)

And the winner for the juice that ounce for ounce contains the most sugar….drum roll….please….

1. Chadwick Bay Natural Sweet Cherry Juice at 52 grams! Chadwick’s claims no added sweeteners and 100% juice. That’s not juice, that’s syrup! (=to 13 tsps of sugar per cup)

Some surprising results:

Sunny D both “smooth” and “tangy” has only 14 grams. Sadly, this doesn’t mean I’d even come close to recommending it. With corn syrup (at least not HFCS!) as it’s second ingredient, it is a food-like-substance containing mostly chemicals, preservatives, a little juice, and artificial flavorings.

Powdered lemonade and Kool- Aid contained 16 grams of sugar per 8 oz. (when mixed with water). Again, not drinks I’d recommend (for reasons stated in previous paragraph) but better than I expected.

Apple vs. Orange Juice

Apple and Orange juice are among the most commonly consumed, so which one is higher in sugar? Whether organic or conventional, freshly squeezed or from concentrate, orange juice generally came in between 22-24 grams. Apple, regardless of brand, was consistently 28 grams.

Juice Containing the Lowest Amounts of Sugar

L&A all cranberry had no added sugar and contained only 7 grams. However, I’ve tried cranberry juice with no added sugar before and to say it puckers the mouth is an understatement! Check the label. Most of the cranberry juices I checked were closer to 30 grams.

Odwalla’s carrot juice was only 13 grams. Depending on the carrots, carrot juice can be sweet or bitter. I’ve yet to give this juice a try, so let me know if you’ve tried it and what your opinion is.

The Juices I Recommend….in small quantities

Grapefruit juice of varying brands continually contained around 18 grams. This is actually one of the only juices I’d recommend  (if you’re on any prescription medication beware of interactions. Check with your Dr. before consuming grapefruit).

Tim Ferriss of The 4 Hour Body recommends consuming a “small quantity of fructose, in the form of grapefruit juice before a crap laden meal” as it helps to to metabolize sugar so as not to cause insulin spikes.

Lemon juice (freshly squeezed) has a similar effect. I’ve tried both and I have to say that both grapefruit and lemon had a stabilizing effect on my blood sugar level (when I ate something that contained a lot of sugar). 

You Can Drink Juice. Just Remember it’s a Treat!

Drinking juice in small quantities is fine but eating a piece of fruit is a much healthier choice. The American Pediatrics Association recommends that children ages 1-4 consume no more than 6 oz of juice per day. That is less than one sippy cup. Water it down, or, even better, teach your child to enjoy plain water and reserve juice for a special treat.

 Fructose is the correct term for the type of sugar that fruit contains. Just as lactose is the actual term for the sugar that naturally occurs in milk. I’ve used the term “sugar” to keep my point very clear- fructose is sugar.


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  1. Brenda says:

    Too much juice can lead to pancreatic cancer later on down the road. Cancer thrives on sugar, even fructose. Better to use juice as a treat but it will spike the triglycerides, and so will dried fruit. It’s just better all the way around to go easy on the fruits and leave off the juices. Seriously. Steve Jobs died because of his fruit diet; that’s how he ended up with pancreatic cancer. Sugar in sodas will do the same thing. It’s been proven that rats that have been given cocaine and sugar, they will go back to the sugar before they will the cocaine. It’s that addictive.

  2. s garland says:

    Half Water..half coconut water…splash of 100% juice..splash of sprite 0 or not at all… lots of ice…put in a cherry and Orange slice :)) special new drink . They can make new ones up them selves .they need to understand to limit the sugary part and add the health …or they just have water as a choice….its your decision …think they might think its fun and a better choice…

  3. gil frieddman says:

    How many teaspoons of sugar in 8 ounces of carrot juice?



  4. anonymous says:

    To everyone that commented… I just thought you should know that the fruits in these juices have a lot of natural sugar… One whole pomegranate naturally has about 39 grams of sugar. One apple has about 23 grams of sugar, so you do the math.

  5. what the hell im dead

  6. for an experiment I need to find out how much sugar there is in kool-aid

  7. I am working out a lot and people have recommended cherry juice for my DOMS. Which cherry juice has the LEAST amount of sugar? I just bought indian summer montmorency cherry juice, 100% juice AND 27 grams of sugar per 8 oz serving!!!

  8. Drinking anything but 100% juice is the only way to go. Don’t go by the picture on the front of the label, but alway read the ingredients and sugar content. So many fruit juices in the grocery store have a photo of some kind of fruit on the front and after reading the label it’s a fruit juice blend. Worst of all the photo the fruit on the fruit is only 5% or so of the overall blend. Getting the 100% pure juice, either fresh or from concentrate. is a good source of 100% pure cherry concentrates. At least you know where your starting from.

  9. I don’t know.My kids won’t settle for water after they tried sprite (there 10).they can’t go by a day without a can.What do I do?!

    • I’d switch them to Zevia (pop sweetened with stevia), then switch to sparkling mineral water mixed with juice. The cheaper option is to just quit buying it. If its not around it’s not an option. You can even tell them that, as a family, you want to make healthier choices, and cutting out soda is a great first step.

    • you need to be firm.I find too many parents lately seem to cave in out of love for there children.But if you truly love and want the best for them,then they need guidance.Remember as a parent your job is to prepare them to go out in the world and live happily.

  10. Shelly Mcdaniels says:

    I stopped feeding my girls grape juice (sometime 2-3 cups!) in the morning because I noticed that their “negative” energy levels would spike about 20-30 minutes afterwards.  A few months back I connected the dots and noticed that they were really nasty to each other and talking back more.  I’ve since stopped the morning juice and replaced it with water and/or milk. That really seems to have helped.  Thanks for confirming!

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